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There are still many families where women have no existence, whether or not, she has fully devoted herself to her family. People or family members expect her to live according to their terms n condition. She has no right to talk in any matter (of family or otherwise). She is not allowed to speak or opine even in her personal matters…..oh sorry! I am wrong. There is no personal matter or things for her …why??

Is there no personal life for women? For such type of people when she is a daughter she has to listen to her father and act on his indulge, when she is a wife she has to listen to her husband and act on his indulge. And finally when she is a mother she has to listen to her children….Is she born only to adapt herself to others indulge?

As here I am talking about Indian women and for them these things never matter because they do all these things for their own families without any complain but if and when she wants to do something according to her, her wish should be respected. She should be allowed to speak and tell her wish. At least one should listen her and response her properly, this is the only thing what she want. For her it doesn’t matter so much if u disagrees.

On one hand we say that women should work shoulder to shoulder with men and women world over and have proven that there is almost nothing that she cannot do then why she is still not allowed to speak or do anything according to her wish…

All these things happen in educated family. Don’t understand how they educated